"The conversations we have as a class analyzing the data are quite meaningful. I can now say as well that I can not imagine teaching without ASSISTments. Having a daily pulse on what my students truly understand is more than a dream come true."

Palmina Griffin, 7th Grade teacher, Southborough, MA


"Using ASSISTments has made class run much more efficiently. It highlights areas of comprehension and misconceptions that need to be readdressed."

"The students enjoy getting the instant feedback on their homework. I have noticed that they have become much more confident math students. On the flip side, when they get an answer wrong, they are passionate about finding the correct answer. There are times when a student cannot identify the correct answer on their own at home and come into school first thing fired up about what they are doing wrong and why. The instant feedback creates a determination to correctly solve the problem. This is a very rich learning experience and the students end up taking away the correct methodology to solving a problem."

Courtney Mulcahy, 8th grade teacher, Shrewsbury MA


The tutor has a progress bar on the left hand side that allows me to easily scan how the students are doing, really helpful to view progress with skill builders! I also liked the way the new tutor presented the questions and hints/tutoring.

"My students are doing homework on ASSISTments every night now, beginning each class viewing reports, and working on problems from the reports. This routine is driving my instruction. I wonder, 'HOW did I do this before? Did I just hope I was on target?'"

Barbara Delaney, teacher, Bellingham, MA

"We are here to talk about a particular innovation that happens to be spot on with the kinds of things that Secretary Duncan and the president are talking about."

Paul Reville, Massachusetts Secretary of Education

"The combination of WPI’s ASSISTments system and their collaborative relationships with numerous schools and teachers provides an incredible testbed for designing and evaluating...instructional materials. There is no place else in the country where such a capability exists."

James Pellegrino, National Academy of Education



"We did the COOLEST thing today with ASSISTments. We had a school-wide math challenge and I put questions into ASSISTments. The kids worked in teams on math challenges and had to put their answers into the website. I heard the word 'fun' more than once! So cool!"

School math coordinator, Fairfield, ME


" is allowing me to have literally 3 strands of math in one class (Honors Algebra I, Algebra I and the 2nd half of Algebra I). I would NEVER be able to do this without ASSISTments!"

Andrea Harvey, 9th Grade teacher, Maine

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